Programs & Activities

CHNA 7 maintains its own programs and activities to address its mission. Currently we have General Meetings, an online mental health screening, and a Joint Advisory Committee. 


General Meetings

These bimonthly gatherings provide opportunities for professionals, community members, and others to learn about current health care issues in our communities.  The format includes an update about CHNA 7 progress, a policy update, a panel with a moderator, and an informal networking session. The topics of each meeting are determined by the evaluations completed at the end of each meeting and by member feedback learned about what is current in our community. Learn more about current and past meetings here.

Online Mental Health Screening

CHNA 7 offers a free and anonymous online mental health screening tool. CHNA 7 recognizes that the stigma of mental health persists throughout many cultures and communities. Through the online tool, an individual can answer questions in private. Upon completion of the screening, there is a list of suggested local resources where an individual may be able to obtain help. The screening tool includes modules for alcohol use, anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression (adults and teens), eating disorder, post-traumatic stress, and substance use.

Anyone who completes the screening tool can obtain a free consultation from Behavioral Health Partners of MetroWest. (Please note: The consultation is not anonymous and independent of the screening offered by CHNA 7.)

The online screening was launched in Fall 2016 as part of the CHNA 7 Behavioral Health Initiative and was developed by Screening for Mental Health.  The tool is designed to help individuals connect with services. It is neither intended nor designed to serve in the place of professional services either for screening or intervention.

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Joint Advisory Committee

This committee was created in 2017 to support a joint proposal by CHNA 7 MetroWest and Blue Hills Community Health Alliance (CHNA 20) for funding from DoN 4-3C16 of Norwood Hospital. The work for this project spans six years (2017-2022) where we receive funds for 2017-2021 but awards are made 2018-2022. The joint committee is a multi-sector group of agencies that support the health of the community. The group meets regularly to discuss and address public health priorities with a goal to support innovative and best practice programs. Per the joint proposal, the focus is on chronic health, behavioral health, and youth for the cities and towns sited in or receiving services in the catchments of CHNA 7-South and CHNA 20. 

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